We all hope that someday we could win the lottery or a casino prize. Some of the lucky ones who do benefit from lottery winnings are usually not prepare to handle how the disbursement of funds is determined.  After a lottery winner chooses yearly payouts he/she might decide that he needs a lump sum of cash for another investments.  The idea of receiving their lottery winnings in a 25-30 year payout is not so attractive anymore when the need for cash arises. 

Once the the lottery winner takes into account the historical rate of inflation, the rising cost of living, and the withholding taxes, which continue to increase in some states, he or she may decide that investing a lump sump payout now might be preferable for them in the long run.

It is not a secret that a wisely invested lump sum from lottery winnings can surpass the amount of those periodic payments at the end of the 25 year period. 

finding past winning numbers here!First Capital Funding offers lottery winners (Mega Millions lottery, Powerball, Mega Ball 12, The big Game, Florida Lotto, Georgia Lotto, state lottery, Florida lottery winnings, Arizona lottery, California lottery, New York lottery, California Lottery, Maine State Lottery, Washington Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Minnesota State Lottery, Michigan lottery, Illinois Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Missouri Lottery, Powerball, Rolldown, Mega Millions, Big Game, Hot Lotto, Wild Card, etc.) a choice to sell their long-term payment streams in exchange for a lump sum payout, giving them opportunity to make the most of their lottery winnings now, while allowing them to prepare wisely for the future.

FIRST CAPITAL FUNDING CORPORATION offers a variety of financial programs. Whether you require a small loan to get you through to your next payment or you require millions of dollars to fund a large project, we have a solution. Here are some of the benefits of our programs:

Get the cash you need to do whatever you want to do. Enjoy your lottery winnings and access cash for home improvements, start a new business, children's education, take a dream vacation - do whatever you want to do!

Access the cash you need quickly.  With our immediate cash offer you can access $1,000 to $25,000 in as quickly as 48 hours.  Complete our online application and be within hours of your cash needs!

There are no "good" credit or job requirements. As a lottery winner receiving annual payments accessing cash is not tied to your credit score or to your employment status.

Explore your options confidentially. If you have a lottery winning, casino winning of any state and would like to get some cash now, gives us a call.  It only takes a simple phone call 1-800-346-0136 to speak with a lottery winning specialist.  All information that you share with First Capital Funding Corporation is kept confidential.




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