Factoring Profit Analysis Calculator

Enter the values that correspond to your company's actual income statement in the Light Beige Color Blocks.  Be sure you have an input in all 9 blocks that correspond to your company.  After you complete the last block click  "Recalculate" or any where on the form and you will see the updated figures that reflect your company's situation.  Take time to study the figures to see how a factoring facility can increase your company's profits tremendously.  If you have any questions regarding some of the figures or have additional questions about factoring, feel free to call 800-346-0136.
1. Annual Sales




2. Cost of Goods services sold% Annual Sales   Potential Increased Revenue with unlimited working capital
3. Overhead % Cost of Goods services sold Cost of goods/Services sold taking volume discounts
4. Bad debt written last year       Additional Overhead cost to meet potential gross revenues
5. Percent increase with unlimited capital Overhead Gross Receivables  
6. Discount from suppliers       Receivables turn in days  
7. Additional overhead to meet new sales Bad debt written Off Last Year   Amount to be factored
8. Gross Receivables Currently Outstanding       *Approximate factoring costs
9. Percent you would like to factor   Net Profit  

Net Profit

Using First Capital Funding Corporation's services your profits will increase by:

Automatic recalculation 

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