Medical Receivable Financing
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Medical Factoring

Finally...a way to capitalize on your success and Cash flow

Medical receivables are becoming the priority for any medical practice. Today's medical providers are faced with greater challenges than ever before. An evolving economy, spiraling practice costs, and greater demands on cash flow. No longer can healthcare professionals depend on efficient operations alone to secure a successful practice. Many are turning to Medical Factoring or Medical Receivable Financing to be able to stabilize their cash flow.

Receiving full reimbursement for services is more difficult than it was last year. And current projections show that the worst is yet to come. Under current insurance system, a myriad of complex Medicare and other insurance regulations and paperwork has engrossed today's medical practice.


This has resulted in perpetual problems in cash flow due to delays in receiving insurance and Medicare payments. This situation has been further magnified with obstacles like increased intervention and restrictive banking policies. Thus it has never been more imperative that bills are collected on time.

An Innovative Approach to improved Cash flow

First Capital Funding Corporation (FCFC), Medical Receivables Financing Division was established for the sole purpose of purchasing accounts receivables from medical providers. FCFC acts as the exclusive Administrator and funding coordinator for several different funds of money including Medical Factoring.

First Capital Funding Corporation, medical receivable financing was devised to provide funds to a much needed field. The medical field. By advancing funds which are due to the physician, FCFC is able to significantly enhance a practice's cash flow. First Capital buys the receivables of physicians, physician networks, ancillary care facilities, and virtually all healthcare providers who submit an application form.  This form of financing is referred to as Medical Receivable Financing or Medical Factoring.

First Capital is a comprehensive company that delivers what you really need:




Its our business to help your business grow. As a FCFC client we invite you to capitalized on our resources. We'll help you obtain a Medical receivable financing program that will purchase your accounts receivable so you have cash to expand, retire debt or take advantage of trade discounts. FCFC will act as your accounts receivable department and supply you with the initial funding and weekly pre-funding of your receivables. FAST, EASY without the usual problems and headaches and delays associated with traditional financing. Its the professional financial relationship that results in guaranteed cash flow. In addition to receiving the cash you need, when you need it, you can expect expertise in office efficiency, electronic billing, tracking and collections.

FIRST CAPITAL FUNDING's knowledge of the health care industry is supported by its team of professionals which combines expertise in banking, financial management, administration, governmental agencies and claims management.

FIRST CAPITAL FUNDING is dedicated to solving financial problems and strengthening the stability of health care providers. We provide immediate cash and restore predictable cash flow.


The typical First Capital Funding client is seeking $50,000 to $4,000,000 per month. depending on the needs of your business, we commit ourselves to purchasing to a specified level of invoices, on a monthly basis, over a given period of time.
The advance rate (the percentage of each invoice that we initially fund) depends on your company's unique financial need and your customer's standing and can be adjusted as your needs change.



The process is simple. A due diligence review is performed to determine how much the physician or healthcare organization is actually owed. Typically a medical company will be advanced up to 85% of the money he/she is eligible to receive even if the physician is owed several millions of dollars. This amount is called the Net Collectable Amount or Net Realizable Amount. We will arrange the funding of up to 85% of that Net Collectable amount within 48 hours. The remainder 15% of the receivable minus a service fee (typically 1-6%) is paid to the physician after the money is collected from the insurance companies. Another words, you get 100% of that Net Collectable Amount or Net Realizable Amount minus reserves and funding fee.

Not sure about some of the medical financing terminology? Check the Medical  glossary.


Funds Available Now!!!

The process is simple. Simply download the two (2) page Application form, print it and fill it out at your convenience and Fax it to 305-704-3879. Or fill out our online application. After we received your completed application together with a summary age trial balance you are within 10 days of receiving your first funding.

First Capital Funding's medical receivable financing program is geared to create a partnership with the future of the medical industry and to help providers deal with the many challenges of the financing arena. Managing receivables is one of the greatest challenges facing the health care industry today. First Capital Funding''s medical receivable financing program goal is to make this challenge less daunting and less expensive for health care providers. We will achieve this goal by combining the highest levels of technology and human resources.

Please call 1-800-346-0136 to get started now!


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